Your Questions Answered

We have had a number of questions from tenants and sub-tenants so have put together this Q&A sheet to hopefully answer the most recent.

Lights on Watersmead
Could the Lights on Watersmead be turned on each evening?

BPL's issue is that the lights do not work. Whenever we try to turn them on, they trigger the fuse. Our electrician has confirmed that they need repair and has recommended that we switch to LEDs to save money going forward. This is on the list to do. If people would like this prioritised, we can look to move it up the schedules.
Application for Permissions
Is there a form that lodge owners should use to apply for permission for alterations? What information does BPL want to have available at the time they assess any request for permission?

There are no forms available for such individual requests. BPL needs enough information to be able to adequately consider the request and make an informed decision. As the range of matters can be quite broad, the information required will also differ greatly from case to case.
Who do sub-tenants (including lodge owners) apply to in the first instance for permission?

As set out in the relevant lease or license (including for example an Occupational Lease), the initial correspondence must be made to the direct landlord. In the case of lodge owners this should be addressed to Avon on behalf of Aquatime Limited. In the case of berth holders, this should be Aquavista Limited.
If sub-tenants send their application to their landlord, how can they be sure that it will be forwarded promptly to BPL?

BPL can confirm that both Aquavista and Avon on behalf of Aquatime are extremely good at passing on all such requests.
Will letters giving consent for agreed alterations be provided by our landlords?

Yes. Once any consent has been given by BPL to its tenants, this will be passed on.
Does BPL require lodge owners to notify either or both Landlord BEFORE applying for any necessary planning permission.

Under the terms of the relevant leases/licenses (including an Occupational Lease - generally clause 3.11.2) a leaseholder is only allowed to make a planning application for something that they already have authority to do under the terms of the lease/license. So, it follows, that if landlord's consent is required, then this would be needed prior to making the planning application.
Barriers and Gates
Why are gates to be put into operation? Buckden and Offord are both described by the Police as being "low crime" areas and we have had no problems with thefts from lodges in the past?

The site has traditionally had security gates, so BPL is simply reinstating them. It must be remembered that the Lodges are all holiday homes. That is clear from the planning condition and is borne out in reality. You may well have seen that the conditions to a recent planning application have gone further and stated more precisely how the temporary residence condition is to be fulfilled. BPL and its advisers are having lengthy discussions with Huntingdonshire DC. There will be separate correspondence in this regard.

What that means is that the lodges are vacant for periods of time. In some instances, for considerable periods of time. As freeholder, BPL has an obligation to do what is reasonable to secure the site. Other landlords have been successfully sued by tenants of holiday homes/apartments for not providing reasonable security. It is also a pre-condition of BPL's insurance.
Where are operational gates to be located?

The operational gates are situated at the start of OVW and by 1 MV. There has also been a hand operated gate erected at the end of WM at the entrance to the Paddock.
When will the gates be operational?

The new gates will be put into operation and programmed once we have finished full installation.
There seems to be no walkway/tarmac to the single gate on OVW.

We will create and pave a walkway to this single gate.
Will full operating procedures be issued to all leaseholders?

BPL will provide full operating details prior to the gates coming into effect - these will be shared with all stakeholders including leaseholders, emergency services and other agencies. The procedures will cover access for owners, visitors and deliveries, opening times, codes/code changes and disabled access.
We have now seen the gates and note that they would be easy to climb over.

Short of a Glastonbury style "super fence" going all round the perimeter with manned patrols, it is impossible to completely secure the site to pedestrian access and that is not what is desired in any event. Bearing in mind some of the rights of way that would be unlawful as well as impractical.

What is required is a reasonable measure of anti-vehicular deterrent.
Why is CCTV being installed?

The site has always had CCTV. As with the gates, we have a duty to provide reasonable security, particularly for the times when lodges and boats are unoccupied or not in use.
What areas will the cameras cover?

All cameras will cover the entrance, bins, all communal land and roads encompassing some driveways.
Will the planned cameras record sound as well as pictures?

No sound just visual.
Who will be able to view the feed?

The feed will be monitored remotely. Unless required by law or other regulatory requirement, the only other party who will have access will be BPL.
Will BPL have live stream access?

Yes, if so required. In reality this will only be viewed in an emergency or when an incident has occurred.
We are told that the CCTV system will have ANPR capability. This does not appear to be consistent with Lodge Owners' right to 'Quiet Enjoyment'.

The only camera that will have ANPR capability is the one on the main entrance. This does not affect "quiet enjoyment" - it is merely a sensible, reasonable and required precaution.
We are now told that the cameras will be monitored by a car park company with appropriate authority to use ANPR. Will this company have live stream access?

The camera at the entrance will have ANPR. It will be recorded 24 hours and only accessed if required.
Why do you want to be able to identify vehicles using ANPR?

In the event that any untoward incidents occur, we will be able to match vehicular access and egress around the time.
How will BPL deal with such matters as safeguarding and privacy?

The system will be installed, run and monitored strictly in accordance with all relevant legislation, regulations and guidelines. Such of these that are required to be open to public scrutiny will be made available as required.
Does BPL consider that CCTV posts and boxes are out of keeping with the rural nature of the site?

The whole system is the subject of a planning application, if that is the case, we are sure HDC will comment. We would also point out that this comment is somewhat incongruous bearing in mind the other activities on site - a commercial boatyard, a huge boat crane, a commercial marina and a lake for speed boats.
Will there be a more permanent barrier at the entrance to Mini Monsters?

Discussions are ongoing with Mini Monsters to agree an arrangement that provides security whilst not causing any obstructions.
What areas will the cameras cover?

To be finalised
Why is it being suggested that "all roads" should be re-tarmaced? BLOG members asked whether it would not be more appropriate to spend money from the service charge on other reinstatement work.

Eventually, all roads (other than Watersmead) will need to be reserviced. However, this is a rolling project over several years.
What are the plans with relation to the bin stores?

The bin stores are situated on Aquavista's land. At present, BPL have not had detailed discussions with Aquavista about the bin stores, but it is on the agenda to do so.
OFFICE (old toilet block)
What is to happen to the old toilet block next to 6 Marina View?

There are various thought processes about this area - which we end up with depends to a great extent on the overall development scheme to be agreed between BPL and its tenants. We will update as and when we know a bit more.
Are there any plans to add an extra chamber/pumping station for Aquavista customers only?

We have had surveys done of the pumping system - and they stated that the system is fit for purpose as currently constituted.
Do BPL have any plans for the entrance to the marina?

We do. There are designs being drawn up with different ideas as we speak. We will post these on the website shortly for your comments.
What plans do you have for the old leisure club, will it re-open?

Unfortunately, the old leisure club will not re-open. We initially had full intentions of re-opening the old clubhouse and gym. However, we decided this was totally unfeasible and uneconomical to do so. We have exciting plans to build luxury new holiday apartments on the same footprint overlooking the marina. We will add the drawings of the proposed development shortly.
The site as a whole is looking tired and really needs tree work and hedge cutting back.

We totally agree. The whole site needs extensive tree surgery and hedges trimming. With that in mind, we have instigated a full tree survey of the marina to include the hedges as well. Once we have that we will make a full planning application to encompass all these remedial works and get the site back to an acceptable appearance. The reason that no work has been carried out since our purchase is that regardless of numerous requests to HDC, even stating that this could be considered hazardous to pedestrians, we were flatly refused to carry out any works whatsoever until planning permission had been granted.
Do you have any future plans for the marina?

We do have exciting ideas and plans for the future of the site, and we are in early discussions with third parties and existing tenants. We will update you in due course.
Have some of the tenants or sub-tenants been notified of possible non-compliance with their leases?

Yes, they have. BPL is committed to bringing the site back up to standard. BPL has also had some issues highlighted by outside agencies as well. We are in the process of identifying all of these issues and working with all parties to rectify and put right any issues. We believe that it is in everyone’s interests that we ensure that all stakeholders comply with the leases/licenses and the rules and regulations of the site. We take this opportunity to thank all of you who do respect the rules and regulations and continue to enjoy the beautiful marina.